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Welcome to The Centre for Equality and Diversity

The focus of our work

We have 2 new Job Vacancies

Post of Operations and Development ManagerPost of Refugee Support Officer


All focus has been based on the 6 strategic priorities as agreed in our business plan. These are


1.      Strengthen our financial base & internal procedures

2.      Strengthen our capacity to deliver

3.      Improve access to services & facilities

4.      Focus on those in greatest needs

5.      Develop greater influence on policy formation

6.      Strengthen marketing & communication


Plans for future

Among our priorities for next year, are:


·       Continue to develop the Community Hub concept for the delivering of services from Stone Street.

·         Secure a total of £60,000 core funding during the year 19/20

·       Continue to provide support services for Syrian Refugees according to the SVRP commission

·         Make the case for effective and intelligent funding and contracting arrangements 

·         Make better use of technology and online support services.


Our Mission

CfED is committed to decreasing discrimination and creating opportunities to build capacity & enterprise within local communities.  

Key Strategic Priorities

  1. Strengthen our financial base and internal procedures
  2. Strengthen our capacity to deliver
  3. Improve access to services and facilities
  4. Focus on those in greatest need
  5. Develop greater influence on policy formation
  6. Strengthen marketing and communication


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