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Get Cooking - 31st July 2014


          GC 1       GC 2       GC 3

We had lots of fund learning to cook food from different cultures and dishes that are not only tasty but healthier.

Our facilitator was Raj from Fit Food CIC who has over 30 years experience in the food industry.

The cooking workshop allowed all the women who attended to put the healthy eating tips which they had learnt over the weeks in practice. All the ladies found the workshop useful as they were able to express their concerns about eating healthier and were able to take useful healthy tips in return.


At the beginning we were very anxious about the workshop itself, if it would run smoothly, if we would have a good turnout, if ladies would find it useful, if we can control the number of kids attending. However, the workshop ran smoothly, everyone played a part in making the healthier foods, everyone was able to take useful tips away including ourselves. We was able to put our knowledge in practice as well, as such workshops are not carried out at the university. It was a great experience, and experience which we can take away and talk about it during our university experience. We were also able to learn a lot more interesting facts which we were unaware about.

                                         GC 4
GC 5
'Very good workshop, very enjoyable, we learnt how to make everyday food items more healthily. Thank you' - Analyne Wylde

'It was an excellent cooking session; it was all so quick and easy. Need more of these sessions please? Thank you for a lovely day' - Sadreen

'It was a wonderful cooking, its lovely to meet new people and learn how to make healthier food' - Gretchen

'It's a pleasure getting together with the ladies and cooking healthier food and having good fun, it's a benefit for the whole family. Thanks a lot!' - Moono

'The cooking workshop was interesting and fun, we also met new people. Great. Thank you' - Georgette

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