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Tai Chi Session - 26th August 2014

It was a two session booked at The Brambles. The first hour and a half was booked for Tai Chi with Phil Shelton, with breaks inbetween. We had a good turnout of 7 people considering the weather condition was poor. We had 2 ladies coming to the session from another fitness group held in Dudley. All the ladies who turned up to the session loved Tai Chi and were adament that they wanted to do the Tai session again. We had no children turning up to the session which was a bonus because Tai Chi does not work well with children around as it consists of relaxing moves. From the start of the project we have been doing a lot of up beat fitness activities such as Zumba and pilates, and so we thought that because the project is soon coming to an end, it would be a perfect way to come to a near end with Tai Chi. As Tai Chi is a low impact class that enhances their mind and body, and aids in relaxation and improves general well being of a person. Ladies loved the session especially the older adults as they believed that the relaxing moves would help with their bone joints and movement, which it certainly would. For most of them the whole Tai Chi experience was new, enjoyable and different. Two of the ladies claimed that this was one of the best fitness sessions as of yet, and as a result we have booked Tai Chi again for the 8th September.

The remaining time was used to reflect on what we have done since the project started and how the ladies felt about the fitness session and the nutritional aspects. They told us that they have found the sessions really useful especially knowing about nutrition and how it affects one's health as it is not explained very well generally, as many people dont recognise the importance of nutrition on health. Two topics they said they want to know more about is diabetes and sickle cell.

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