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Grow Food 4 Life - 9th September 2014

It was a two hour workshop at St Thomas's Network, the session was ran by Jenny Cadman from 'Grow Food 4 Life' team. The workshop was between 10am-12pm. The turnout was of 6 people, many people were unable to come because the workshop was on a Tuesday and they had other commitments.

The workshop started off by a brief introduction of the importance of 5 A DAY and vegetables; and to promote eating fruits, there were grapes, black berries and other fruits on each table for the ladies. Jenny Cadman then spoke about the importance of different types of herbs and the growing process. She brought several different herb plants to identify, such as; mint tree, lavendar tree, coriander and others to identify, and to place the correct uses of each plant next to the plant, such as the mint tree can be used to heal stomach upsets etc. We were told where the herbs were mainly found and the optimum growing temperature of each.

We then were allowed to grow our own choice of herb to take home, many ladies preferred to grow a mint tree, and we were told to soil the plant and how to look afer it. Ladies were then allowed to make their own lavender bags to take home, as lavender has many important uses as it is good for headaches, dizziness, back pains, stomach related problems etc.

Near to the end of the workshop ladies were allowed to prepare their own vegetable pizza to take home, the initial plan was to make the pizza during the workshop and eat it during the workshop, but because we ran out of time ladies were allowed to take it home.


Ladies and we found the workshop to be really useful and interesting; we learnt a lot from the workshop. It definitely made us aware about the importance of consming herbs in our diets as they have many important and essential functions for better health. It was a very interesting workshop as this topic has not been covered for us at university. 

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