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Ladies Networking - 4th September 2014

We had a two hour session at The Brambles. The turnout was good, we had a total number of 10 people, and there were three ladies who were totally new. So at the start we had allowed the ladies to introduce themselves to one another and know a bit more about each other before starting the session. The start of the session was more of an 'ice breaker' as well as normal conversation; it's a good way to start as the ladies feel more comfortable. The first hour of the session was on sickle cell anaemia, as this was a topic which the ladies had requested for us to cover. The session covered what sickle cell anaemia was and how it develops due to the mutated gene, and the complications that can arise due to developing this disease.

Ladies asked questions such as why the disease was more common in African-Caribbean and Asian backgrounds, how genetics can play a role and their children being affected by the disease, and if there was any way to prevent or reduce the effect it has upon them, and the difference between sickle cell anaemia and normal anaemia. They found this topic really interesting as it was not a topic which is talked about in the media etc, and they got to know more in depth information about the diease, making the topic clearer to them. We found this session really useful as it was a topic which we did not know much about, but it was interesting to research the topic and have the opporunity to learn something different and intriguing.

The second hour of the session was conducted by Jackie, and we did pilates which is a different form of yoga, it consists of more slow movements. The ladies found the fitness session tough but they enjoyed it as it was different and new to many.

We really enjoyed today's session as it ran smoothly, it was fun, lively and we got to meet three new people. We also learnt more about sickle cell anaemia, which is in fact a very interesting disease and we would like to do further research on the topic.

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