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Healthy Lifestyle - 1st September 2014

We had a two hour session at The Brambles. The first hour was conducted by health exchange and was on high blood pressure and bmi, ladies were also given free bmi and blood pressure checks, and those who had it checked at the start of the project were given the opportunity to have a review of their overall progress and development. We believe this check was necessary as it showed us if the ladies who had turned up regularly showed any improvements in their blood pressure measurement and bmi checks, and in fact many ladies had a normal blood pressure rate, and were placed in the 'ideal' bmi category based on their height and weight. Overall we had a good turnout of 6 people which was good as there was no fitness session.

The second hour of the session was on diabetes. We specifically carried out this session because it was requested by the ladies if they can have a session on diabetes, anaemia and sickle cell anaemia, as these were topics they were interested in knowing more about. So for the diabetes session we made then aware about the three types of diabetes; gestational diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, and the causes and complications of each one.

The ladies found the session really useful as they were given information which they were not aware of, and it made a lot more sense to them when they realted it to their personal experiences. We also found the session to be really useful, as it made us more aware of the certain information which we were not aware of, it also made the topic clearer to us as we had to learn it again to share with others.
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