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Healthy Cooking - 11th August 2014

Today we held a session on saturated fat which lasted for an hour; where we discussed the types of fats out diets contain and how much fat certain food contains. We also informed the ladies about how much fat they should include in their diet and how to eat less fat by giving tips on reducing fat such as choosing low fat dairy products, choosing lean meat products and grilling food instead of frying etc. The ladies were also shown how to interpret data on food labels i.e. saturated fat, salt and sugar so they can make a healthy choice when shopping next time. Examples of food which are high in saturated fats were also mentioned such as cakes, butter and cream as they are high in saturated fat. We then ended the discussion in the session in order to find out how much the ladies have learnt about saturated fats and to refresh their memory.

After this discussion we had an hour of Zumba where the kids joined in with their mothers too. We received positive feedback from the ladies and kids as they enjoyed the Zumba and found the discussion on saturated fats very beneficial. The mothers found Zumba to be a good way to bond with their children as well as improving their health. The kids found Zumba extremely fun and also made new friends with the other kids and the same goes for mothers as this session was a good way to socalise with other mothers. 

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