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Mental Health Awareness - 28th August 2014


It was a workshop on women's Mental Health Awareness conducted by the mental health group in Dudley. Food and drinks were provided. The turnout of ladies was not high; we had a total number of 7 ladies, two of whom came late as they were coming from another fitness group in dudley. The workshop was very productive; it was interesting as it helped raise the awareness of different types of mental health illnesses. The session was on different types of mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, self harm and psychosis, and how these illnesses can lead to stigmatization and discrimination, and the procedure and services involved in the diagnosis of the illness.

At the end, we all took part in making a Mandela out of stamps, each stamp had a message on, we were told to choose the stamps that we though would help us overcome mental health illnesses. This activity was fun, interesting as it made everyone think how they should react to and tackle mental health issues.


Our Comments:

The workshop was very interesting; it ran smoothly and did have a good end result. It was good to know that this workshop allowed ladies to share their concerns and problems that they had, and get further support if they had not already. For some, the workshop educated them on mental health issues and made them more aware on the issues around mental health. We agree the turnout wasn't very big; however this had an advantage because it allowed some of the ladies to be more open and share their personal issues and concerns that they had, which they may not have disclosed if the group was to be bigger. We can also say we learnt a lot ourselves from this workshop. However due to the workshop only being 2 hours, it meant that the mental health group were not able to go further in depth and did miss out important information on primary and secondary care.

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