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Zumba and Employment - 30th October 2014

Unique Women CIC Vocational Support services facilitated a 3 hour session at The Brambles on Thursday 30th October. This session was combined with an hour of Zumba exercise and discussion about employment matters attended by eight women who where currently not in employment.

Sarita Chitapa gave a brief presentation about the services being provided by CfED to support women who are not in employment or who are working for less than 8 hours a week.

After the Zumba session, the women sat together, had fruit and drink. They discussed the importance of work and explored the barriers they face while looking for employment.

Noted barriers to employment were:

  1. Language i.e. not very conversant with English that enables them to get work
  2. Family set up i.e. childcare issues
  3. Lack of work experience even if one has the qualifications
  4. Lack of qualifications
  5. Lack of confidence and enxiety of being in a new place
  6. Inability to drive
  7. Lack of ICT skills to apply for jobs online
  8. Inability to know how to apply for voluntary work so as to gain relevant experience
  9. Poor physical health and lacking knowledge of how to manage condition

Sarita then informed the women of the various workshops offered by CfED that enhances their skills into employment. Namely 1:1 support meetings, work related group discussions, cooking classes, and ICT workshops that enable job searching on the internet and CV writing.

The women showed a great interest in learning to speak English within a cooking class as they stated it would be less stressful environment to learn under in comparison to a classroom setting. Others indicated would require 1:1 support advice as to what career pathways to take. The women were advised to contact Sarita Chitapa to book an appointment to CfED offices.

Sarita will contact the ladies once commencement dates for workshops have been amde available by CfED.

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